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Balance - The Superfood Shot (6 pack)

  • Balance The Superfood Shot™ —

    Face it...none of us eat all of the fruits, vegetables and greens we're supposed to eat. So our team sat down and figured out a way to make the whole thing easier. It's called Balance. It’s a great tasting, convenient, 2 oz. liquid shot that provides you 1/2 of your daily fruits and veggies. And, we’ve made it even handier by putting it in a 6 Pack. That’s a week’s worth (with a day off for good behavior).

    By the way, when you drink Balance, don’t forget: Open, Drink, Love.

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  • The Many Benefits of Balance The Superfood Shot

    Balance is two ounces of delicious, organic pineapple, lemon, carrot, beet, cranberry, blueberry, cherry, spinach, kale, acai berry, camu camu, goji berry, elderberry and dragon fruit (with a little turmeric thrown in). This amazing little bottle is a half day’s fruits and vegetables that goes anywhere you are and provides you with all of the missing nutrients your body craves...deserves. This little bottle is better sight, fewer colds, getting to avoid some really crappy cancers, and improved memory function. Oh, and you’ll look better, live longer, and have better sex. We mean it. Look it up.

    • Provides 1/2 your days fruits & veggies.

    • 100% Organic and Non-GMO

    • No Added Sugar & No Preservatives.

    • Goes Anywhere

    • Nutrient Dense & Antioxidant Rich

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