Andrea Franklin Life Equals Ambassador
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Andrea Franklin

Andrea Franklin // Kansas City 

Holistic Health Coach, Foodie, Natural Foods Chef and Wellness Speaker

About Andrea Franklin

Andrea Franklin’s vision to be a part of the amazing life and health healing movement came to life when she had the opportunity to study at the Integrative Institute for Nutrition. Since then, she has been helping others to feel alive again and restoring individual’s health as a Holistic Health Coach and Life Equals Ambassador. Franklin’s journey began when she caught herself feeling like ‘everyone else’—exhausted, both mentally and physically. Pregnant and digging for information on raising a healthy child, Franklin couldn’t help but think of all the junk going into her body that was now intended to sustain two bodies. All of a sudden, Franklin found herself studying nutrition and the human body. This was the turning point in which Franklin chose to leave a decade of real estate behind, starting her practice: Savvy Wellness. Franklin realized she was hungry for more, but didn’t have a clue she would be accepted as one of twenty four chosen students to spend one year working with a company that is leading the charge in healthy living and nutrition. This life changing experience motivated Franklin to pursue her Masters in Nutrition, driving her mission to share everything she knows about the 60 trillion cells making up our incredible healing machines—the human body—with everyone she comes in contact with. Franklin believes that once we give the body what it needs to fuel and heal itself, the mind and spirit follow.

Franklin is active on several social media platforms, and you can find her at savvywellnessliving, Facebook and Twitter.

Andrea's Favorites

Focus & Energy - My Favorite!Probiotic - My Favorite!