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Balance Team Member - Kansas City

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Life Equals is a progressive wellness brand focused on fixing the Standard American Diet by reintroducing the nutrients nature has always provided back into their daily lives. By creating supplements and beverages that are nutrient rich, taste great and are extremely convenient to use, we empower people to live healthier, balanced lives and will positively transform how they eat, live, and love… a formula that will change society as a whole. For more info check out about us.

The Balance Team is the face of the Life Equals brand in Kansas City. The team will collect consumers at Retail Demos, Events and during Mobile Sampling Missions in the KC Metro by introducing and educating consumers about Balance, sharing a full bottle for them to try and inspiring them to balance their lives.  


Know > Try > Believe > Love


Performance Objective

Deliver belief in the benefits of Balance by creating a quality 1:1 interaction between the consumer and the brand.


    Performance Categories

    • Product & Brand Knowledge
    • Conversation Skills
    • Reporting, Tracking & Feedback
    • Awareness of Opportunities to sample and sell Balance
    • Accurately tracks inventory and meets sales goals at retail demos 


    Balance Team Member Recruiting Profile

    The Perfect BTM - always looking for a 100% fit

    • Self Confident and friendly
    • Great Communicator - someone who can lead and steer a conversation
    • Health-minded/Self Aware - has a healthy glow, body conscious, well fitting clothes, clean and stylish
    • Responsible - timely, can interact with managers on location, can provide accurate and detailed qualitative and quantitative feedback
    • Positive, fun and outgoing - love’s life personality
    • Resourceful - uses common sense, street smart and can make good decisions on the spot in the field
    • Brand Personality Fit - Someone who is already a Balance fan and/or believes in our mission, cooks at home and lives a healthy lifestyle
    • Physically able to lift event infrastructure and product. Good driving record. Can use a knife to cut vegetables.


      Work Environment

      Events - Pre planned indoor or outdoor sampling. Work in a team of 2-4 people depending on the event size. Set up and take down of standard event set is required. Event reporting and metrics will include photos, sampling and inventory reporting of bottles and leaflets. Knowledge of the event, contacts and audience will be necessary to prepare for the event. Discuss any custom messaging or signage that will be used for the event and how it will be reported. Call to action message: Buy online at or at Hy-Vee or Whole Foods Market. Example locations: Health Fair, City Market, The Great Amazing Race Event.


      Demo - In store sampling. Usually one person per demo. Set up and take down of in store set up is required. Reporting and communication will include bottles sampled, sample to sales conversion, inventory, leaflets distributed and total sales by location. Knowledge of the audience and the consumer will be necessary to prepare for the demo. Examples: Whole Foods Market, HyVee

      Mobile - In the field, mobile sampling around Kansas City. Each shift will have a strategic mission for two team members to execute. Reporting and metrics will include photos, sampling and inventory reporting of bottles and collateral. Knowledge of mission and the audience will be necessary before the mission. Must have the ability to think on your feet and make a change in the mission on the spot if it is not working. Call to action message: Buy online at or at HyVee or Whole Foods. Examples: Fitness Club/Yoga Studio, Corporate

      Skills Required

      Comfortable using mobile phone to communicate reporting via a sampling app, Social Media savvy and the ability to take photos with a mobile phone. Basic math skills to record samples delivered, take accurate inventory and report expenses. 


        For more information contact Alicia Poole at or (816) 588-8402.  Meet our team »