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Be a Brand Ambassador

  • Ambassador - Ksenia Avdolova
  • Ambassador - Marcey Rader
  • Ambassador - Alena Murgatroyd
  • Ambassador - Dianna Sinni, RD


You're passionate about Life Equals: Always telling your friends and family about us.

You know what kind of positive impact Balance and our supplements are having on people's health. And you believe in and understand the very real and immediate life changes we're encouraging in every one of our communities. 

If that sounds like you, then this is right up your alley!

Our brand ambassadors are the most prized community why? Because they are our biggest cheerleaders and advocates. They are the face and voice of Life Equals. And they are, every single day, supporting their own communities of passionate, driven individuals who are committed to changing how they eat, live and love...A formula, as you know, we believe will change society as a whole. 



What does it really mean to be a Brand Ambassador?


Our Commitment to You

Free products to sample.

Wholesale pricing on all products for personal use.

Lead generation by us that will feature you on our blog, on our social media pages and on our website...always driving to your sites not ours.

An Ambassador-only website with:

- access to a free content library containing images for you to use, for free
- a dedicated shop for customer orders, free samples and personal shopping

- an FAQ library to answer questions.

Access to ongoing marketing opportunities that feature you and your brand: in our newsletter, on our social media channels, in press releases, in event sponsorships, and at local events.

A simple and generous commission structure.

Ambassador-only SWAG.

Ambassador/Dealer status: 
buy direct from us at wholesale and re-sell.

Personalized promo codes to hand out
 (to make sure you get paid).

Direct access to Life Equals leadership:
 bypass the middle man and go straight to the 
top with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Your own account at LeadDyno to check the status of your sales and commissions, plus be able to easily look up your promo code.

Work with a company you can trust that's dedicated to making life better, authentic, and committed to giving back.

Your Commitment to Us

Help promote the brand and products through
 your social media channels

Post positive product and company reviews
 on various review sites.

No other ambassadorships in similar products (shots, non-cleanse juices, etc).

Feature us on your blog/website/newsletter.


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