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Chris Freytag - Ambassador

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Founder of:
Get Healthy U
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Chris Freytag is a nationally recognized fitness expert and speaker whose mission of the last 24 years has been to help others experience what it means to feel good, be happy and love life. She is a contributing editor for Prevention Magazine, an emeritus member of the board of directors for the American Council on Exercise and a Life Equals Ambassador. Freytag is also the founder of GetHealthyU and knows the struggles of taking care of your health and your kids simultaneously, all while battling the power and strength of nature. After spending decades racing through the daily struggle to meet the demands of raising a family, holding down a job and dealing with all of the emotions and energy needed to do so, Freytag and her team at GetHealthyU are committed to helping women of all ages manage their health while reigning in their chaos and dealing with life’s everyday stresses. Many of her clients have been following her for 20+ years and the self-confidence that radiates from their soul speaks for itself. They are motivated to guide others in making positive changes in their everyday lifestyles to help individuals stay healthy and live happy.