Cody Shaffer Life Equals Ambassador

Cody Shaffer - Ambassador

Ambassador Cody Shaffer

Founder of:
AFC Personal Training
Kansas City


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Cody Shaffer is the CEO, owner and operator of Advanced Fitness Consulting (AFC) as well as a Life Equals Ambassador. AFC is a fitness consulting business servicing clients in the Kansas City area, including Mission Hills. Shaffer’s noteworthy experience and education in fields such as weight training, physical conditioning, personal and community health and first aid and safety set him apart from the training norm. While studying Exercise Physiology and Health Education at the University of Kansas, Shaffer was awarded the two highest awards in his degree program, including the Brett Hammig Excellence in Exercise Science Award, and the Walter Mikols Outstanding Masters Student Award. He has worked as a personal trainer for the past 12 years in a variety of fitness markets, including traditional gyms, studios and cardiac rehabilitation. AFC specializes in in-home and on-site fitness instruction as well as golf-specific fitness training. Shaffer identifies himself as a “motivator” and takes great pride in training and coaching individuals to achieve extraordinary results. A wealth of knowledge and experience allows Shaffer to attain superior results for people from all backgrounds and fitness levels.