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Debra O'Bryan - Ambassador

Ambassador Abbi Miller

Founder of:
Joyful Breath Yoga
Kansas City
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Debra O’Bryan is the Founder of Joyful Breath Yoga, an organization whose mission is to empower students of all ages to relieve stress, build strength, increase flexibility and find their inner joy through practicing online yoga. O’Bryan is also actively working as a Life Equals Ambassador. At Joyful Breath Yoga, O’Bryan and her team strive to deliver accessible and affordable yoga through a virtual medium: the Internet. O’Bryan’s hope is that this will allow Joyful Breath’s students to grow in their yoga experience while maintaining their own schedules in their own space. Since her first (awkward) yoga experience in a crowded room with a borrowed mat, something sparked within her that she had not felt before, despite her life-long love and commitment to exercise. She felt inspired knowing the pure sense of purpose within her heart, which left her with an urge to spread the healing joy of yoga. O’Bryan has now come full circle and rather than hosting yoga classes for a few students in one place, she has students joining her throughout the world, practicing and learning the joy of yoga together. O’Bryan loves being able to help others to heal their minds, bodies and souls through her virtual yoga classes despite her clients’ hectic daily schedules.