Dianna Sinni Life Equals Ambassador

Dianna Sinni, RD - Ambassador

Ambassador Abbi Miller

Founder of:
Chard in Charge
Kansas City
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Dianna Sinni is a Registered Dietitian who created and maintains a nutrition blog titled Chard in Charge, where she shares her passion for plant-based cooking and organic gardening. She also works as a Consultant Dietitian for National HealthCare Corporation and as a Life Equals Ambassador. Sinni’s journey began when she was participating in cross country, track and horseback riding in her teenage years, yet fueling her body with cookies and candy. These habits changed drastically when her best friend was hospitalized due to an eating disorder, flipping Sinni’s perspective on food and healthy living 180 degrees. She started to recognize food as powerful nourishment tool for the mind, body and spirit. This was the point at which Sinni knew she wanted to be a Registered Dietitian to help people learn how to nourish their bodies in a positive and belly-satisfying way. Currently, Sinni works in the sub-acute rehab department and long-term care setting while helping to coordinate her neighborhood’s community garden, and her philosophy regarding nutrition is simple: “Nourish your body with a plant-based diet full of whole foods. Eat processed foods and animal products minimally, if at all. Eat in season, appreciate what is locally grown, and enjoy the creativity of cooking. Eating clean isn't about the latest trend or fad diet, it is about nurturing our health and appreciating our body for all it does each day."