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Don’t buy a Juicero Machine until you read this!

Love to juice and hate the process?  Maybe you bought a high-end juicer, like a Juicero machine. The idea of fresh squeezed juice, an easy way to eat more fruits and veggies was really appealing. But maybe with that expensive, fancy juicer you read the news recently and realized you got fooled. 

It’s been revealed that the $400 juicer is pretty worthless since the juice packets can be squeezed by your two hands to get the same effect.  Juicero CEO calls this a “hack” and the company plans to refund any unhappy customers for 30 days.

So now you realized this huge gadget taking up room in your kitchen isn’t for you.  Maybe you get a refund or keep the expensive juicer, but in the meantime, you are still out fresh juice and the benefits of fruits and veggies! What’s the solution? Balance Shots.

People love Balance shots because they are so easy to use and are great for on the go.  These small, convenient juice shots contain half your day’s veggie and fruit requirement.  Plus, they are shelf stable and don’t have to be kept cold (But we love them that much more when the are!). These shots are great as a snack, running out the door or even in a Bloody Mary.

The best part? Balance shots are half off starting now and for the next 30 days. They are convinced you’ll love them. Sign up for a subscription and never worry about buying all those vegetables and fruits, let alone finding recipes and taking the time to eat healthy again. 

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