Georgia Grey Life Equals Ambassador

Georgia Grey

Georgia Grey // Denver

Holistic Health Coach at Gluten-Free G and 1st Grade Teacher

About Georgia Grey

Georgia Grey is a Holistic Health Coach via Gluten-Free G, a 1st grade teacher in Denver, CO and a Life Equals Ambassador. Grey’s health trek began five years ago when she found herself taking the highest dose of acid reflux medicine every morning while her eating habits became a game of Russian roulette. She knew something was wrong with her body, but she didn’t know what. When Grey consulted with a co-worker suffering from Celiac disease, she began implementing gluten-free habits into her diet. Grey found herself feeling significantly better within 24 hours. Her migraines subsided and she could finally enjoy her passion for running again. Because of her wellness success rooted in a gluten-free diet, Grey now practices a holistic approach to health and wellness, meaning she looks at how all areas of one’s life are connected when working with clients. She encourages individuals to ask for help when shifting to gluten-free diets. Grey knows first hand that shifting to a gluten-free diet is difficult, but says she has finally learned how to not only be gluten-free, but how to be “satisfied” simultaneously. Her hope is to “share everything she has learned and guide the recently diagnosed through an extremely overwhelming process. You do not have to figure your new lifestyle out on your own!

If you are looking for advice regarding a recent diagnosis or just want to better body, join Grey at and Pinterest.

Georgia's Favorites

Women's Multi - my Favorite!Probiotic - My Favorite!