Nathan Rivera Life Equals Ambassador
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Nathan Rivera

Nathan Rivera // Raleigh / Durham

Founder of Solely Natural,
Chef, Certified Holistic Health Coach 

About Nathan Rivera

Nathan Rivera is a graduate of HCCC Culinary Arts Institute and a Life Equals Ambassador. Rivera was working as an Executive Chef when he was diagnosed with an eye condition called Iritis, followed by Fibromyalgia and Helicobacter pylori. These roadblocks almost left Rivera blind and western medicine wasn’t helping, inspiring he and his wife to turn to a more natural approach. They began a food elimination process and Rivera found himself feeling much better. Because of this, he believes that eating clean can truly lead to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Upon this newfound appreciation for health and wellness, Rivera received his certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner and combined his certification with his culinary expertise. Rivera emphasizes that practicing a more holistic life approach with the combination of de-cluttering your life, eating right and incorporating fitness, one can experience a much greater sense of wellbeing. Rivera says this allows our bodies to heal naturally, but he and his wife didn’t want to stop there. This is why they started Solely Natural. Via Solely Natural, Rivera shares the benefits of living a more holistic, healthy lifestyle resulting in feeling great and being happier!

To take the reigns in your life by eating pure, whole foods, contact Rivera via, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Nathan's Favorites

Focus & Energy - My Favorite!Probiotic - My Favorite!