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Our Story


We are a company of equal parts biological innovation and honest, simple living. As you’ve heard us say over and over, our goal is to fix The American Diet by introducing the nutrients nature has always provided us back into daily life. We do this for one reason: by micro-focusing on the daily nutrition of individuals, we can bring about long-term behavioral changes that will have an impact on connected relationships, families, communities, and society as a whole.

Life Equals Gives Back


We don’t want to make a big deal about giving back. Frankly, we don’t even like to talk about it. It’s just something we do. Ever since Tom’s Shoes reset the bar, it’s become fashionable to be Social Entrepreneurs. We see it differently. We don’t want to be fashionable. We want to be responsible human beings. Since day one, Life Equals has made giving back a very simple proposition. With our vitamins, we partnered with Vitamin Angels to provide over a half million vitamins to mothers and children around the world. We continue that partnership today, now in its fourth year.

With the development of Balance, we’ve begun a new initiative to fix the American diet and, with that, a new level of commitment. We’ve decided to take our money, time and outreach to the local level and support community gardens in every city where we expand. In each new city, just as we have in Kansas City with Kansas City Community Gardens, we will do more than write a check. When we bring Balance in your city, we will build new garden plots, work on dietary education, support local farm-to-school programs, and mobilize our local customers & ambassadors into the gardens themselves.


We've grown a lot over the past couple of years. But who we are has never changed. Here are a just few of the qualities each of us strives to be on a daily basis.

We think half-truths are bullshit. We want every relationship we have to be fully transparent and we work every day on living an authentic life. There is no room in our lives for things that do not ring true.

We love living, working and growing within communities. We feed off the energy and creativity of others and desire to contribute in the same way. We also strongly believe that our greatest accomplishments will come from our relationships with others.

We know that our life experiences are the things that make us unique. We have no desire to adhere to the norm. That type of thinking squashes innovation and critical thinking. We try new things easily, are not afraid of change, and believe in the power of the individual.

We dare to exaggerate. We are obsessed. We love to take risks and we always learn from our failures. We dream. We want our passions to drive our work and, more than anybody else, we believe in the future.

We believe in being generous to a fault. We believe that if we are grateful in all things, focus on improving the lives of others, and share freely our emotional, functional and financial wealth, its contagiousness will spread throughout our communities and dramatically impact the world in which we live.