Rachel Abbett Life Equals Ambassador
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Rachel Abbett - Ambassador

Ambassador Rachel Abbett

Founder of:
Luminous & Grounded Nutrition
Washington D.C.
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Rachel Abbett is the Owner of Luminous & Grounded where she is a Holistic Health Coach while working as a Life Equals Ambassador. Abbett’s journey began when she was working as an electrical engineer in the construction industry before she declared herself “tired and wired.” She had spent her nights and weekends wrestling her family’s food sensitivities and intolerances for years as she struggled to support everyone physically, mentally and emotionally through proper nutrition. After sifting through endless amounts of conflicting information, it became clear that this hobby was turning into a fulltime job. Abbett then began working as the volunteer Wellness Coordinator for her engineering firm before making a clean break to offer full time health and wellness consulting services. As a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Abbett relates as a mom and wife of individuals with food intolerances. She now offers one-on-one coaching as well as group programs and hosts group programs for breastfeeding moms on elimination diets. Her goal is to help individuals and families reclaim their health to dial up their vitality through a series of sustainable nutrition and wellness practices aimed at reigniting their inner glow.