Rhea Mehta, PhD Life Equals Ambassador
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Rhea Mehta, PhD

Rhea Mehta, PhD // Toronto 

Toxicologist, Nutrition Advisor, Optimal Living Coach and Health Hacker

About Rhea Metha, PhD

Rhea Mehta is the Founder & CEO of Living Rhea, a lifestyle and wellness consultancy company designed to empower people to self-heal. The focus of Living Rhea is on education, practice and accountability support. As Mehta coaches her clients, she educates and advises them on holistic nutrition and self-care practices based on the right balance of whole foods and lifestyle adjustments given her client’s personalized profiles. Mehta works together with her clients to monitor cravings, energy, feelings and physical symptoms with the ultimate goal of optimizing health. Mehta is also Life Equals Ambassador and a freelance wellness & entrepreneurship writer & blogger for the Huffington Post and MindBodyGreen. Mehta works with her clients to turn daily self-care goals into subconscious habits. She explains that this piece is key and is accomplished through repetitive and monitored practice, accountability and educational support. Her goal is to help other super-achievers take a leadership position in the business of self-healing. She believes that when we are more self-aware and connected in mind and body, we make better decisions for ourselves and for others, collectively winning.

To read more of Mehta’s advice pertaining self-care goals and more, reach out to her at livingrhea.com, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Dr. Rhea's Favorites

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