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Ambassador Tara Mackey

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Cured by Nature
Cardiff By The Sea
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Tara Mackey is a former Environmental Scientist turned wellness writer, model and activist—better known as a professional creative. She is now serving the health and wellness community as a Life Equals Ambassador. Mackey aims to make the world a better place through her work with promising health conscious and sustainable campaigns, such as cancer awareness, pit-rescue, organic fashion, beauty and vitamins. Most recently, Mackey published her first book, Cured by Nature: How to Mentally and Naturally Heal From the Inside Out, Find Happiness & Discover Your True Self. She also recently launched her first natural, organic collaboration with Delizioso Skincare: The Tara Collection. 5% of her product line—TARA Perfume—is donated to The Cancer Research Institute in memory of her late father who lost his battle to cancer in 2014. Mackey is also the founder of The Organic Life Blog — through which she works passionately with hundreds of independent brands, many of which have found tremendous success and grown into multi-million dollar businesses.