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Here’s the best alternative to useless Juicero machine

You may be like thousands of others who bought a Juicero, wi-fi connected, juicer last year.  And why not? Its sleek, fun and the new thing.

This fancy kitchen gadget was not only cool looking but gave you and your family fresh juices, an easy way for everyone to get more vitamins, nutrients and healthy goodness.  But recently it has come out that the fancy, high tech juicer may be pretty worthless.  Some people can “hack” the juice packets by using nothing more high tech than their hands.  The Juicero CEO has even offered a refund for 30 days for any unhappy customers.

Whether you take advantage of the refund or keep this juicer, you may still be curious how to get affordable juicing alternatives to Juicero Juice.  Life Equals has the solution: Balance shots. These awesome juice shots come in super stylish green bottles that are perfect on the go, after yoga or even as a homemade Bloody Mary.

Balance shots have half your day’s veggie and fruit requirements. Full of vitamins and nutrients, there has never been an easier way to juice!  We hate messing with grocery shopping for fruits and veggies then having to juice every morning, and you may too.  Get all the benefit of juicing in these handy, and cute, green bottles.

These handy shots are half off for 30 days. A subscription rate will save you even more.  If you’re like us, you refused to take more than 1 trip to the house with your groceries, lighten the load by saving on fruits, veggies and supplements. Balance shots pack all those vitamins and nutrients and are delivered right to your door!

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